Spignite v2.4.1
Lightweight static website generator: low-ceremony files processor with proven javascript tools.


Spignite is a lightweight static website generator in Javascript; that uses existing, mature, libraries. The idea behind the Spignite is to be a generic file processor, applied to a special case of building a web site. Simple file processing is the core concept Spignite is built upon.
All this makes Spignite easy to use and extend (it's all just Javascript after all) and - quite fast. Enough talking, let's dig in.
Spignite comes with reasonable defaults. However, don't expect it works magically - it's a big chance you will end up writing some JavaScript functions here and there!


  • Pure JavaScript - no surprises, no awful templating, no custom engines... This is just a collection of existing, proven tools, configured to work together.
  • Easy to write extensions and your own operations in JavaScript.
  • Everything is very configurable.
  • Spignite is just a file-processing engine, at the end. Just define the input and operations to be executed on the input files.
  • Unique processing logic: phases and operations.
  • Fast. Very fast.
Hello! I am Spignite: robot-pig that loves static websites.
Last modified 2yr ago
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